Running a business involves a lot of small tasks that can add up to a significant amount of the work week.  Many new companies can help you reduce the time spent on administrative work and errands to free up time for more important work.  Here are five ways to outsource your busy work.

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a company that helps you connect with background checked people in your community who are willing to do things on your to-do list.  When you post a task, you can either set a price that will be assigned to the first person willing to complete it, or you can accept bids and choose your “Rabbit” based on the lowest price or their specific experience or skill set.  Task Rabbit currently operates in Boston, the SF Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Austin, San Antonio, Seattle, and Portland, with more cities added frequently.  Users can post a task via the website or on their iPhone app.  Use promo code PAL200118 when you post your first task to get $10 off.


GrubHub helps people all over the United States locate and order food for delivery or take out.  In addition to special deals or coupons for some restaurants in the GrubHub network, the company will track your order and text you updates when your order is received by the restaurant and again when it’s out for delivery.  GrubHub does not add any fees to the menu prices.  Instead, they charge the restaurant a small fee for helping them earn your business.  Orders can be placed on the website or through the GrubHub iPhone app.


Seamless is another company that connects hungry people with restaurants across the country.  Once your order is received by the restaurant, a confirmation email is sent with an estimated delivery time.  Seamless offers its services on the web, or through iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry apps.  Seamless provides coupons, offers, ratings, reviews, and full menus to its users.


Exec is a service-based company that helps businesses find “execs” to complete your errands.  The Execs chosen for your assignment are trained in-house and go through an interview process.  Once your task is assigned to an Exec, you can track their progress online or on the Exec iPhone app.  Hiring an Exec costs $25 per hour, plus 50 cents per mile driven, a 3% surcharge, in addition to any expenses incurred for the errand, with a minimum booking time of 45 minutes.  Exec is currently operating in San Francisco, but plans to expand to other cities soon.


PostMates‘s Get It Now feature allows people in San Francisco to order lunch, groceries, or office supplies to be delivered within one hour.  This feature is only available from 8 a.m. to midnight, and delivery prices start at $6.99, with additional charges based on distance, time, and location-specific factors.  Within seconds after placing an order, PostMates will send you a picture of the person assigned to deliver your goods, and you can track his or her progress on the iPhone app.

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