As UpCounsel grows and our community becomes stronger, so do our tools and offerings. I am excited to announce the launch of our new invoicing tool, which enables lawyers nationwide to send invoices to their clients and easily collect payment online through UpCounsel.

Today we are making this free tool available to all Registered and Verified attorneys on UpCounsel. We’ve created an easy way to send invoices to all your clients as well as receive payments as soon as the next day! This is much faster than waiting for checks in the mail, using Paypal and much more. Since we see this tool as the fastest way to get paid as an attorney, we hope to see you adopt this as your primary method of billing for your clients moving forward.

Let me show you how it works with a little walk through.

This is just one of many exciting new changes that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months. We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback, and so give us a shout.

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Mason Blake

Mason Blake

Mason is the co-founder of UpCounsel. Mason is an experienced technologist and excited about the future of employment. He is responsible for all product, engineering, data and technology teams at UpCounsel. Before founding UpCounsel, Mason served as the lead engineer for several startups throughout his 15+ year career and then went on to form his own consulting company.

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