The rapid growth of the “Sharing Economy” has given birth to a new breed of service-based marketplace businesses that are changing the way we think about “work.” The slow decay of the 9-to-5 office job has given rise to the power of freelancers and solos to work when, how, and where they want.

The role of these marketplaces is to not only connect, but efficiently support the relationships via technology throughout the engagement. As such, efficient communication has become more vital than ever in marketplaces facilitating “virtual” relationships where a majority of the services are rendered online.

As online marketplaces (like UpCounsel) continue to grow and professional services are increasingly offered virtually (and not in person), the ability to clearly communicate is more important than ever before. For this reason, I’m thrilled to announce that UpCounsel has recently launched two new features that power communication between clients and attorneys.

First, we’re excited to announce the launch of our online chat system. This feature allows attorneys and clients to communicate in real-time, and chat messages are shown in one thread alongside your email conversations to centralize the history of your conversation.  Too often, we’ve heard frustrations about back-and-forth emailing that can extends for days (if not weeks) without any real progress. This new feature allows attorneys and clients to instantly connect and quickly discuss details relevant to the project. Of course, you also have the option to set your chat status to “offline” when you’d like to focus and not engage in real-time communication.

Second, we’ve rolled out an internal phone system, which gives each attorney a designated UpCounsel telephone number, allowing them to log all their calls with clients. No more forgetting to log calls with clients. This number will route directly to your primary phone and we’ll share this number with clients when you’ve offered a free introductory call. Soon, we will also allow you to import your Call History directly onto an invoice.

We’ve built both of these features to help you manage your communications on UpCounsel and improve efficiency. As you begin using the tools, we hope that you’ll provide us with your feedback as to how we can make it even better. I’m looking forward to bringing you more and more exciting product announcements like this one!

Mason Blake

Co-founder & CTO, UpCounsel

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Mason Blake

Mason Blake

Mason is the co-founder of UpCounsel. Mason is an experienced technologist and excited about the future of employment. He is responsible for all product, engineering, data and technology teams at UpCounsel. Before founding UpCounsel, Mason served as the lead engineer for several startups throughout his 15+ year career and then went on to form his own consulting company.

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