If you are trying to drive traffic to your law firm’s website there are many different things you can be doing. And while you cannot and should not focus all your energies on one single tactic or traffic source, you absolutely should not neglect social media. After all, Americans spend an average of 37 minutes on social media sites every day!
But it is also essential that the time you spend promoting your site and its content on social media is spent wisely. These social media tips can help your law firm site see measurable results quickly.

  1. Create Infographics and Make Them Shareable
    If you spend any time on social media, you have likely seen a viral infographic. These images take large amounts of data and turn them into easy to digest graphics. People love to share infographics. But more importantly, people love to pin graphics. If you include infographics as part of your site’s content strategy, be sure that it is as easy as possible for visitors to pin them. This can be a particularly useful strategy if you are trying to amp up your female traffic since 80% of Pinterest users are women.
  2. Get Creative with Attracting Fans
    Social media is a great way to spread information (news, content, event notifications) to your social media fans (Twitter followers, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers). The problem is that you need to get those fans first. If you look online there are endless lists of ideas for attracting new social media followers. Not all of them will work well for lawyers and you may not know what will work best until you try some out.
    One creative strategy that worked for celebrity news site WetPaint was inviting readers to “Like” the site on Facebook in order to continue reading the site’s content. This type of strategy must be used in conjunction with compelling, relevant content, but when it is it can be extreme effective. SEO expert Neil Patel estimates being able to double your followers in 30 days just by using this social media tactic. If you have a great content strategy and a little technical knowledge to set this up, it is worth trying for your legal site.
  3. Use Facebook to Collect Leads
    It is wonderful to have Facebook fans. You can easily spread content to them and get them to engage with your thoughtful posts. But driving traffic to your Facebook page is likely not your ultimate goal. You want to be able to use social media to market your actual legal services. Once great way to do this is to set up your Facebook page to collect email addresses for your marketing efforts. You can use Facebook’s custom tab capabilities to create an email page that lets users enter their email in exchange for a free download, to enter a contest, or whatever else you may use to collect email addresses on your own site. Users are more willing to sign up if you use Facebook for this process than when you use a simple landing page on your own site, so it is worth the extra effort.
  4. Time Your Posts
    There are not very many areas in life or in business when timing isn’t at least a part of the puzzle. Social media is no exception. You can create and post the best Facebook message on the planet, but if no one is there to read it, it won’t get you very far. Instead, use a social media tracking tool like Simply Measured to determine the optimal time for posting (e.g., the time when your fans are actually online and engaged). You can then use a social media management tool like Buffe or Hootsuite to schedule your posts for the right time.
  5. Stumble
    StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking tool, is not new and it certainly does not generate the same type of excited buzz that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do. But that does not change the fact that StumbleUpon can generate a lot of traffic for your site. You can submit your best pieces of content – preferably those that link into other sites that would be relevant to your users. This recommendation comes with the caveat that StumbleUpon traffic is not the highest in quality. The ultimate goal with this tactic is not to get new clients, but to get links back to your site. The StumbleUpon audience is more likely to link to you than an average user, especially if you create something that interests them. These links back to your site helps you in Google rankings and will ultimately drive better quality traffic to your site organically.
  6. Use Your Social Profiles for Ranking
    Yes, your social media profiles should contain links back to your site, links to your blog content, and relevant, engaging conversations with other social media users. But you can also leverage your social media profiles to rank highly for key search terms. One way to do this is by changing the name of your profile to a search term rather than your name. For instance, instead of listing “Bill Preston, ESQ.” as your Twitter name, you can use “California Law Firm.” Because Twitter ranks so highly with search engines, this one little change can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings.
  7. Show More to Get More
    Video content can be a great way to increase engagement across your social media profiles. The increased overhead in terms of production costs can be well worth it with the traffic it can bring in. But do not settle for one video view. If you can bring a potential new client to your YouTube page, you want them to stick around and really see what you have to offer. Increase the likelihood of this happening when you add a link to another video embedded into your initial video. This also helps to encourage users to subscribe to your YouTube channel, which automatically increases the value of every video you post. It takes a little bit of editing magic, but it is worth the effort.

Social media should not be an intimidating space. If you can look at these sites as an opportunity to bring in new clients, new traffic for your legal site, and ultimately new revenue streams, broaching social media can be exciting! Try some of these social media tactics and you will be well on your way to building a robust social media presence that gets real results.

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