With so many ways to get distracted and only so much time in a work day, business owners must train themselves to remain focused on their work. The most productive and successful people know how to manage their time and work efficiently. Here are five ways to increase your productivity and maximize the time spent in the office.

  1. Don’t be so connected. Unless you are expecting a very, very important message, don’t waste time by constantly checking your inbox.  Set aside a specific time in your day when you will tackle all of your messages and when that’s over, ignore your inbox for the rest of the day.  The same can be said about social networks and instant messaging.  If you have a serious problem with online distractions, consider purchasing the Freedom app, which can lock you out of the internet.
  2. Prioritize your to-do list.  Write down everything that needs to be done for your business, then add a deadline to each time.  You will be able to see which tasks need to be completed before others and then plan your days accordingly.
  3. Race yourself.  It’s amazing what a person can accomplish when there is a time limit imposed.  Consider “forgetting” your laptop charger to force yourself to complete all of your work before your battery dies, or use an online timer like e.ggtimer.com to allocate a set amount of time to a certain task.
  4. Make yourself accountable. Putting things in writing makes a person feel more accountable if a task goes uncompleted.  Try implementing a system in which you and your employees have a public space with each person’s goals for the week.  By keeping everything out in the open, you and your employees will understand their role in the business and the system will be a constant reminder of everything that still needs to be completed.
  5. Zone out. If you feel like your environment is causing a decline in productivity, try utilizing a pair of headphones to help you zone out.  You don’t have to listen to music – you could download a track with just white noise.  Additionally, coworkers who would otherwise distract you might leave you alone if they see that you’re listening to something else.

Staying focused at work can be difficult, but by reducing distractions and keeping a list of assignments and deadlines, a day of complete productivity is attainable.  What are some ways you increase your productivity in the office?

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Matt Faustman

Matt Faustman

Matt is the co-founder and CEO at UpCounsel. Matt believes in the power of online platforms to change antiquated ways of life and founded UpCounsel to make legal services efficiently accessible. He is responsible for our overall vision and growth of the UpCounsel platform. Before founding UpCounsel, Matt practiced as a startup and business attorney.

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