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Monica Dohnji

Monica Dohnji

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
North Carolina Central University School of Law,
I worked as a Hearing Examiner Attorney, and presently as a Senior Administrative Judge for the D.C. Office of Employee Appeals wherein, I engage in the practice of administrative/employment law by adjudicating employee relations appeals from D.C. Gov't employees contesting layoffs, terminations, suspensions, demotions, performance management reviews, and legality of employment practices. I conduct mediation and settlement negotiations prior to case hearings. I issue binding decisions with 95+% of my decisions affirmed by the D.C Superior Court. I perform research; review legal documents, interpreted statutes, regulations, and previous… read more decisions; in preparation for writing current decisions.

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Work History

D.C. Govt

Administrative Judge

Dec 2010 - Present

Process employment related appeals filed by the District of Columbia government’s workforce. Perform legal research and analyze laws, regulations, policies and precedent decisions to prepare for Evidentiary Hearings, determine conclusion and issue Decisions. Conduct Prehearings, Status Conferences and Evidentiary Hearings to review and decide disputed issues. Mediate Labor and Employment law cases

Dec 2010 - Present

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