Annais Narrow

Annais Narrow

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
Annais graduated from Loyola University College of law and graduated with both a Civil and common law degree. Her bachelor's degree is in political science. Annais focuses her practice in real estate and transactional work.

Annais has spent the last 3 years working at a consulting firm, advising institutional lenders on single asset and leveraged finance transactions. She has strong communication and organizational skills and is used to a fast-paced work environment. Prior to consulting Annais worked at Morgan Stanley, and volunteered in the Maryland, PG County, State's Attorneys office.

Annais lives in Miami, but is barred in Louisiana,
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Harbor group Consulting

Transaction Counsel

Jul 2014 - Present

Work on behalf of lender clients to negotiate with representatives of borrowers on both real estate transactions and leveraged finance loans where I perform detailed reviews of a company’s total assets. I am responsible for every aspect of a loan – from inception to closing – ensuring lenders’ compliance with federal regulations and reviewing borrowers’ insurance coverage, leases and loan docs.

Jul 2014 - Present

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