Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods

Attorney at Law

Santa Monica
Licensed in
Loyola Law School
Ryan's experience is not only in tech & online business, but in working with city departments, in sports & entertainment, and with brick & mortar businesses in LA. He's worked for over a decade as an entrepreneur dealing with all of the internal business and legal elements of his own companies, and over a year working as an attorney helping other entrepreneurs after graduating Loyola Law School.

He's experienced virtually every type of contractual agreement a start-up or small business would encounter, from employment and vendor contracts, to capitalization and formation documents & filings. He's also crafted dozens of
… read more initial business "decks", plans, prospectuses, and PPMs in these areas.
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Work History

Tinsel App Holdings, Inc.

CFO & General Counsel

Mar 2015 - Present

-Craft and oversee corporate structure (board of directors meetings, executives meetings, employee/contractor relations)

-Regulate capital allocations and maintain financial documents

-Prepare legal memorandums for the executive team/prospective investors as they pertain to IP issues

-Construct business prospectuses, plans, MOUs, and LOIs for capital raises

-Draft, negotiate, review contracts

Mar 2015 - Present

UOU Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Certified MLBPA Player Agent

May 2013 - Present

-Negotiate, draft, and review clients’ team and endorsement contracts

-Market client and manage clients’ off-the-field business affairs

-Identify and recruit prospective clients

May 2013 - Present

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

Business and Legal Affairs Intern

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

-Drafted domestic and international TV and film licensing contracts

-Drafted rights-assignment contracts and privacy rights and terms of use contracts

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

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