Kevin Frisch

Kevin Frisch

Attorney at Law

District of Columbia
Licensed in
Washington College of Law, American University
My interest in early-stage enterprises started with involvement in a few small companies during college and grew over the years.

I've been fortunate to be involved in a rapidly expanding organization in Washington, DC and to practice with a boutique law firm, both of which have created significant opportunities to delve into the contracts and negotiations surrounding funding rounds, partnership agreements, and commercial leases.

My in-house position has opened my eyes to the way that business deals actually get done and helped to clarify the role an attorney working for a small business truly needs to fill.
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Work History

Compass Coffee

In-House Counsel

Sep 2014 - Present

Negotiate commercial lease agreements, manage compliance efforts, and handle day-to-day legal needs of a rapidly growing organization.

Sep 2014 - Present

Wilson Williams

Contract Attorney

Sep 2014 - Present

Handle entity formation and draft commercial agreements

Sep 2014 - Present

Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation


Jan 2012 - Sep 2014

Researched and drafted legal resources to help social enterprises navigate regulatory requirements surrounding entity formation and business licensing

Jan 2012 - Sep 2014

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