Biana Borukhovich, Esq

Biana Borukhovich, Esq

Attorney at Law

New York
New York
Licensed in
Touro College-Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Biana Borukhovich graduated from Touro Law School with recognition as being the school’s pioneer within the Fashion Law industry. Previously, she was the Chair of the Trademark, Licensing and Intellectual Property Committee under the Brooklyn Bar Association. Biana has authored and published a number of legal articles within the Fashion Law and Bankruptcy fields. She has studied abroad in China, with a focus on Chinese criminal law, and has traveled to New Orleans to help the Hurricane Katrina victims with their legal issues. In addition, her background includes work with H&M in-house, Bluestar Alliance, LLC , Kings County District… read more Attorney’s Office and private legal firms.
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Law Office of Biana Borukhovich


May 2011 - Present

The Law Office of Biana Borukhovich, PLLC was founded in 2011. This firm covers a full range of legal services in New York that include, but are not limited to Fashion Law, Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Copyrights), Business Contracts, Incorporations, and Business Mergers and Acquisitions.

May 2011 - Present

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