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John J Mcguirk

John J Mcguirk

Patent Attorney

Licensed in
Boston College Law School
John McGuirk is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. McGuirk has extensive experience in all phases of complex commercial litigation, including patent cases. He has had major litigation responsibility in numerous multimillion dollar cases involving corporations such as Roche, Pfizer, Amoco, Mobil, Rohm & Haas and AT&T, and has extensive experience with expert issues in complex litigation matters.
He was an Air Force fighter pilot. He also spent 10 years as a research chemist at Argonne National Laboratory and at the University of Chicago.
Mr. McGuirk specializes in all phases of patent
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Work History

Rakoczy Molino Mazzochi Siwik


Mar 2003 - Present

Litigated all aspects of patent disputes with concentration on chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Responded to USPTO Office Actions. Performed patentability searches and freedom to operate opinions. Specialized in expert depositions and reports, opening and rebuttal.

Mar 2003 - Present

Locke Lord


Feb 1989 - Feb 2003

Major case responsibility for multi-million dollar insurance coverage actions. Took numerous depositions of high-level plaintiff executives and defended depositions of Lloyd's executives. Briefed and argued numerous motions, some of a dispositive nature. Numerous court appearances with excellent results. Negotiated settlements with opposing general counsel. Took and defended many depositions.

Feb 1989 - Feb 2003

Bingham McCutchen


Feb 1986 - Oct 1988

General litigation associate. Wrote and responded to numerous motions in general contract and antitrust areas.

Feb 1986 - Oct 1988

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