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Rachel Maccratic

Rachel Maccratic

Attorney at Law

San Francisco
Licensed in
California Western School of Law
Beginning in law school and for the last four years practicing law in San Diego, CA, Ms. MacCratic has focused on the status versus conduct analysis under the 8th Amendment in order to stop the enforcement of Quality of Life Ordinances. An example in San Francisco is the No Sit, No Lie Ordinance. To date, she has been a principal investigator researching causes of homelessness for non-profit service providers, a program director for legal clinics for youth and parents, a research attorney in civil litigation, and defense counsel in unlawful detainer proceedings.

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Work History

Dreher Law Firm

of Counsel (Contract Attorney)

Oct 2012 - Nov 2016

Contract research attorney on federal civil rights, municipal liability, family, and judicial misconduct cases; brief civil rights issues related to homelessness, real property disputes, waste management and consumer recycling regulation; draft pleading sections and memos on procedural questions.

Oct 2012 - Nov 2016

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