Michael Erdman

Michael Erdman

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Boston University School of Law
I concentrate my practice on representing (i) innovative brokers and service providers across the country in the real estate and mortgage industries, advising them on regulatory matters, including licensing schemes, which affect their current and planned operations, and (ii) vendors and suppliers of perishable agricultural commodities (produce) in actions under the federal Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) against non-paying buyers and purchasers. I also represent business and individual clients in a variety of other litigation and general legal matters.
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Work History

Teeple Leonard & Erdman


Jul 2002 - Present

TEEPLE LEONARD & ERDMAN, a Chicago law firm, concentrates on representing businesses and individuals in litigation, regulatory and general legal matters. Our clients include vendors and suppliers of perishable agricultural commodities (produce), real estate brokers and service providers, financial technology (FinTech) providers, insurance policyholders, manufacturers, contractors and restaurants

Jul 2002 - Present

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