Randy Berholtz

Randy Berholtz

Attorney at Law

San Diego
Licensed in
Yale Law School
24 year lawyer with 10 years of large law firm experience (Cravath, Cooley and Heller) and 14 years as the general counsel to three public companies and one group of private US and Chinese life science companies. I also have worked with companies in the internet, high tech, software, clean tech, energy, real estate and retail sectors.

My expertise is corporate, securities (private and public financings), venture capital, mergers and acquisition, technology licensing, corporate collaborations, intellectual property litigation consulting, life science and healthcare regulatory, international transactions, real estate company financing,
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Law Firm of Randy Berholtz, Esq.


Jun 2013 - Present

Law Firm and also accepts part-time General Counsel Work

Jun 2013 - Present

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