James Price

James Price

Attorney at Law

North Carolina
Licensed in
University of North Carolina School of Law
Experienced legal and IT management executive with more than 28 years of achievement in guiding clients in all aspects of business. Valued by clients for ability to apply decisive creativity to solve complex legal, business and IT challenges. Graduate of Top 20 law school and member of Mensa.

Diverse experience in start-up, high-growth and entrepreneurial environments. Integral member of C-level executive management teams responsible for creating overall strategy and driving innovative business and legal solutions.
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Work History

Venture Group Enterprises, Inc.

General Counsel & CIO

Aug 1998 - Present

As General Counsel: Primary responsibility for all legal matters throughout organization including contracts, labor and employment, regulatory compliance, healthcare, outsourcing, dispute resolution and litigation.

Also, as CIO: Primary responsibility for all IT related functions across enterprise.

Aug 1998 - Present

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