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Lucian Khan

Lucian Khan

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
University of Northern California School of Law
22 years of experience working for the Board of Equalization, primarily with sales and use tax appeals. Extensive knowledge of audit techniques and procedures, and specialized in nexus issues, construction contracts, leases, technology transfers and tax fraud.

Wrote over 700 tax decisions and settled numerous cases.

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Work History

McClellan Davis LLC

Of Counsel

Oct 2015 - Present

Currently doing contract work as a consultant, with McClellan Davis of Roseville, California. Practice includes multi-state sales and use tax, and other taxes administered by the Board of Equalization.

Oct 2015 - Present

State of California

Tax Counsel III & IV

May 1993 - Sep 2015

Prepared and reviewed tax decisions, reports, memos, pleadings and other correspondence for tax appeals before the elected Board, settlement and litigation. Authored over 700 tax decisions, reviewed over 5000 decisions.

May 1993 - Sep 2015

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