John Behles

John Behles

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Patent Bar, OK
University of Tulsa College of Law
Behles Van Staden, PLC is an intellectual property law firm focused on serving clients ranging in size from large multinational corporations to individual entrepreneurs and skilled artisans. We are highly adept at the efficient acquisition and utilization of intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Our legal expertise in combination with our clients' entrepreneurial drive enables us to protect their valuable assets so that their technological innovations can thrive in a complex, competitive, and ever changing world.

In addition to an abundant prosecution practice, Behles Van Staden is
… read more exceptionally adept at client counseling and litigation. In fact, we pride ourselves on our pragmatic ability to harmonize our legal expertise and keen business acumen together, as we believe that no legal service is complete without a thorough appreciation of the particular business needs of each of our clients. Furthermore, we believe that attorneys who focus on client communication are at the apex of the legal practice.

The principles of Behles Van Staden are also well versed in the intricacies of Information Law. Information law or "IT" law includes data security/privacy law, e-discovery compliance, IT policy law, and litigation support services relating to this highly technical practice area. In addition to their legal expertise, our principles have advanced degrees in CS technologies, abundant work experience in the data security field, and certifications with relevant authoritative bodies.

Behles Van Staden is uniquely positioned to provide a range of technical legal expertise to our clientele that encompasses our ability to secure IP assets and also to ensure that their sensitive information is secured according to the best legal and technical practices available.
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