Articles of Organization Maine can help you to incorporate your limited liability company.

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Maine

When forming an LLC in Maine, you must select your business name. Check Maine's secretary of state website to make sure your LLC's name is original. Names must have "Limited Liability Company," "Liability Company," or abbreviation, such as LLC or L.L.C.

Afterward, in order to incorporate your LLC, print out the Articles of Organization, fill them out, and mail them along with a non-refundable filing fee. You must assign a registered agent, which is a person or business designated by your LLC. This agent is in charge of receiving important documents on behalf of the company.

In Maine, multiple-member LLCs must file an operating agreement with the state. This governing agreement is between the members or co-owners of the LLC. Maine also requires LLCs to file a yearly report before June 1.

To exist in the United States, LLCs must also have an Employment Identification Number (EIN), which the IRS uses to track the business entity. It also lets the IRS assess and collect taxes.

Filing Maine Articles of Incorporation

Preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation is vital to starting your profit, nonprofit, public benefit, or mutual benefit corporation. Approval of this document makes sure that your corporate name is valid and creates the legal entity of the corporation. The Maine Corporations Division deals with incorporation and provides assistance with this matter.

Filing this document gives you several key benefits:

  • Limits liability of officers, shareholders, and directors.
  • Adds credibility to your organization by providing governance.
  • Fulfills requirements in the state to register the organization's name.

When incorporating in Maine, you don't need to use an attorney. For-profit organization filing costs $145, while nonprofits only cost $40. Expect the process to take between up to three weeks.

Filing Articles of Incorporation for a Business Corporation

As mentioned, your corporation's name must be different from any other registered entity in Maine. Other important pieces of information you must provide include the following:

  • You must state the total number of shares the corporation can issue.
  • You must decide whether the corporation has a board of directors or shareholders to manage it.
  • You must state that the shareholders don't have a right to acquire the corporation's unissued shares.

The incorporator executes the Articles of Incorporation, files the documents, and includes a cover letter with contact information.

Filing Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit Corporation

If you have a nonprofit corporation, you must specify a few different aspects.

  • Indicate if the nonprofit is a public or mutual benefit corporation.
  • Describe its purpose.
  • Acknowledge who the registered agent is
  • State the number of directors that sit on the initial board of directors.
  • Declare whether or not the nonprofit has members and if these members have specific rights.
  • Include an optional statement about limiting political activity.

When filing the Articles of Incorporation, indicate who your incorporator is and include a cover letter with contact information in case there are questions about the filing.

Maine LLC Certificate of Formation Instructions

When filing Certificate of Formation documents for your Maine LLC, download the document. Enter your LLC name exactly the way you want it to appear.

If you want the LLC to become effective upon filing, check off "Date of this filing." If you want it to begin at a later date, select the second box and provide the date. It cannot be more than 90 days away.

On the second page, check off the registered agent section if you hired a commercial registered agent (CRA). You must provide his or her CRA public number and enter the company's name. If the registered agent is you, a friend, or family member, select the second box and provide the person's name and address. Fill out the date and sign and print your name on the document. Only one authorized person needs to sign the paperwork.

The third page is the cover letter page, so enter the full name of the LLC and write "Certificate of Formation." Provide your contact information so the Maine secretary of state can contact you if there are questions.

After the state receives your filing, your LLC should garner approval somewhere between five to 10 business days. You will receive a stamped and approved copy of the Certificate of Formation.

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