What are the articles of organization DC? Starting an LLC in Washington, DC, requires quite a bit of paperwork, including these founding documents. This can be quite a bit for new business owners who want to start their venture in the capital.

These are the requirements in DC for LLC owners, called members:

  • LLCs must have at least one or more members.
  • DC only allows for a physical address and there's a residency requirement.
  • DC doesn't have age requirements.
  • Names and addresses of the members are required to be noted in the Articles of Organization.

Steps to Forming an LLC in Washington DC

  • When you create an LLC in Washington DC, name your business. It should not already be in the records and has to be accepted by district law. You can do a DC Business Entity Search and make sure the name is not already taken.
  • The LLC's name has to include one of the following: L.L.C., L.C., LLC, LC, Limited Company, or Limited Liability Company. Professional LLCs require P.L.L.C., PLLC or Professional Limited Liability Company.
  • Names that have credit union, insurance, bank, banking or similar have to be approved by the mayor. You can do a DC Business Center's Quick Search to see if you can use your name.
  • To file the articles of organization you have to head to the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs Corporations Division which can be done online, mailed or handed in person. There's a $220 fee.
  • You can choose a date when you want your LLC to form. It can be no later than 90 days after you file if you choose an effective date. If you don't want an effective date don't fill out the space on the form.
  • Create an operating agreement where the LLC's ownership structure is explained. It describes the structure of management, when meetings are held and how members and management can buy and sell out.
  • You need to open a business bank account when you create an LLC to perform transactions coming in and out. Many banks require the articles of organization and operating agreement to have an account with them.
  • Once you form the LLC in DC you have to file a biennial report by April 1 and afterwards file every couple of years. The cost of the report is $300 which can be done online.
  • There's also a late fee of $100 if you file the biennial report after the date of April 1.
  • An income tax of 4 to 8.5 percent in DC is a given, as is a 6 percent sales tax.

Requirements of a Registered Agent

On the articles of organization, you have to choose a DC registered agent to accept service of process for your company. A DC agent has to have a physical location in the district and the documents the agent accepts have to be forwarded to the clients.

You are required by law to hire a registered agent for your DC LLC. You can choose a commercial or non-commercial agent. Both do the same duties but a commercial one is registered with DCRA and paid the fee for the title of a commercial agent.

Submitting DC Articles of Organization

Download the DC Articles of Organization form from DCRA for mail and in-person filing. You can pay by check or money order for mailed filings. Submit the document and payment to:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Corporations Division

PO Box 92300 Washington, DC 20090

(202) 442-4400

Filing in person is considered expedited and is processed the same day. In person applications are payable by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or cash. Bring the document and fee to:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Corporations Division

Business License Center

1100 4th Street, SW

2nd Floor

Washington, DC 20024

To apply online head to the DCRA's CorpOnline website where you'll have to create an account, give your name, email, address and username and password. You can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

  • Standard process is around 10 business days and costs $220.
  • Expedited to about three days is an extra $50 for a total of $270.
  • Expedited to be processed in one day is an extra $100 for a total of $320.

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