1. A Guide to Art Law - What it is and How to Protect Art
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A Guide to Art Law - What it is and How to Protect Art

Art law is the body of law that protects, regulates and facilitates the creation, use and marketing of art. Art law is not its own category or jurisprudence of law with its own specific laws, but instead takes legal doctrine from several fields of law to deal with the issues of the art world.

Art law contains a variety of legal disciplines, some of which are: intellectual property, contract, constitutional, tort, tax, commercial and international law to protect the interests of art clients. These issues can develop from a national level, while others may develop from state law as well.

However, as the creation, sale, collection and display of art is receiving more attention internationally, the legal treatment by statute, treaty and regulation is increasing exponentially. In addition, the term art is now growing to include: music, film, theater and literature.

At times, it can be difficult to find an attorney well-versed in art law specifically, however, many good attorneys who deal with property can easily transition. Some of the more prestigious schools offer courses in art law and it is always better to find an attorney in this category.

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