1. Limitations on Names for Limited Liability Company Names
2. Helpful Things to Know When Picking a Name 
3. How To Use the Alaska Corporations Database

An Alaska Corporation Search is conducted to ensure the availability of a name you wish to designate as your company's name. The search is a resourceful way to determine if the desired name is distinguishable from the company titles of other registered businesses within the state. 

Limitations on Names for Limited Liability Company Names

For authenticity as an LLC, the company's name must end with either the abbreviation "LLC" or "L.L.C." Even though there is an option, most business owners commonly opt for the unpunctuated version, “LLC.”

Aside from the stipulation mentioned above, you can virtually name your business whatever you like, but there is one naming restriction. It also relates to entity identifiers. Since a limited liability company is not a corporation, the name you choose is not permitted to include the words "Incorporated" or "Corporation." The abbreviated forms, "Inc." or "Corp.," are also not acceptable.

By conducting an Alaska corporation search, you are assuredly and accurately able to know the limitations when naming your LLC. The name must be unique and distinct from every other registered business in Alaska. 

Helpful Things to Know When Picking a Name 

Individuality and creativity appropriately describe characteristics of distinguishability. It may be beneficial to you when thinking of a name to know what things do not qualify in making a name “distinguishable.” Below are a few things to avoid and consider during your creative process:  

  • Altering the identifiers at the end of your company's name, such as using "L.L.C." instead of "LLC," does not make the chosen designator more distinguishable.
  • Using a numerical digit rather than a number written out in words, for example, having 8-Ball Lounge, L.L.C. instead of Eight-Ball Lounge, L.L.C.,  is not distinctive. 
  • Changing the punctuation in a name by using slashes, commas, periods, or hyphens, does not make it unique, such as with Make People Dance Studios, LLC versus Make-People-Dance Studios, LLC. 
  • Adding the words "The," "An," or "A" do not help to add distinguishability, like Tickle Downs, LLC over The Tickle Downs, LLC.   
  • Switching the conjunction word "and" and the ampersand symbol, "&," such as Donald and Roger Farms, L.L.C. versus Donald & Roger Farms, L.L.C.   
  • Grammar modifications, such as changing the form of a noun to either possessive, singular, or plural, will not add the right amount of uniqueness. Examples would include having Orange Meadow, LLC instead of Orange Meadows, LLC or Smith Lab, L.L.C. as opposed to Smith's Lab, L.L.C.  

How To Use the Alaska Corporations Database

The business database is a resource provided by the state that is entirely free to access and use. 

When conducting a query, your search is not limited to only LLCs. You will be able to lookup corporations, limited partnerships (LP), or limited liability partnerships (LLP) as well.

Follow these steps to check for the availability of the desired name for your LLC and determine its distinguishability: 

  1. Visit the website for Alaska's Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development at https://www.commerce.alaska.gov/cbp/Main/Search/Entities and place the cursor in the first empty field designated for the entity number or the second area, which is where you can type in the business name you want to check. 
  2. Click in the field for entity name and type in a few words of your desired name. It is okay if the name is a single word. Do not add punctuation or "LLC." Also, the search is not case-sensitive, so capitalization is optional. 
  3. Before clicking on "Search," make sure that the radio button to the right of the name field, "Starts With," is selected. Then hit "Search." If you search and see your desired name on the generated list, then you must come up with another one. At such point, you follow the above steps again.   
  4. The desired result when searching for availability of the desired name is to see "No Results" after step three. If you discover that the LLC name you choose is not in use or it is distinguishable enough from other titles that share some similarity, then you have found a name you can claim. 
  5. After successfully coming up with a name you can use, proceed with the selection procedures for obtaining your LLC's Registered Agent.

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